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A new St. Patrick's tradition
Bottle of wine, entire grocery store chicken, and Netflix.

Maximum single life level achieved.

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I would like to point out that I was not picturing your underage self.

I was picturing your very legal self, thank you.

Ugh. I hope Marius gets back soon and you can smarm at each other to the point you'll both open up a black hole smarm singularity and get sucked in.

I'd much rather you consider me smarmy rather than a pedophile. I do have limits, you know

Our legal system thanks you.

Now that that's settled, a question: is St. Patrick's Day a couple holiday?

Pretty sure it's a dumb kids get wasted and vomit on every available surface holiday.

Good. I was worried I'd missed a memo.

There's nothing wrong with enjoying Netflix with chicken, by the way.

Good, because I'm not bothering with a glass. Or utensils.

I'm regretting agreeing to hang out with Matt now.

Are napkins involved?

Nope. I'm just wiping my hands all over my shirt. And hair.

You know, there are some cultures that think animal fat is healthy for hair. The Cree people use bear fat though. Chicken smells too delicious

I'll keep that in mind to grab a rotisserie bear next time I'm at Wegman's.

If it's a polar bear, stay away from the liver. It has enough Vitamin A to kill a human.

Not a problem, not all of us can afford polar bear.

Even the Inuits can't afford polar bears....

Well, enjoy your chicken and netflix, Jennie. I look forward to another random conversation.


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