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So I'm up early, as is my wont these days, and I'm watching the news.

So the Republican't guy Ron Blake just had to cancel filming for a new tv spot, because, get this, all of his equipment turned to bacon.

Like. The camera was camera-shaped bacon. The microphone was micro-phone shaped bacon. It was all bacon.

Obviously a mutant did it, according to the news and Ronny-boy, and if it was then they get my kudos. I mean, yeah, we look super bad now, but seriously. Bacon. The most I ever managed was getting the toaster to toast the exact shape of Saskatchewan for a day and a half. I am impressed.

Also. My sinuses are informing me it may be our little New York jokester.

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Well, on that note, I'm feeling like bacon for breakfast. Anybody else want in on this tastiness?

I kinda wanna see a boom mic made of bacon, though, not gonna lie.

I'm sure there are photos somewhere. Just wait until Faux News starts posting them.

Ha. They're saying it had to be a mutant because who would take the time to actually make a set of bacon utensils for the food table?

I mean. We're also to blame for falling stock prices, bad hair days and papercuts. WHY NOT.

Don't forget the price of oil, bread that won't rise, and burnt french fries. Which I guess would go with the bacon. Only more like hash browns. (Hash browns for breakfast. Cooked in bacon grease.)

You're on breakfast duty. As of now.

Yes. And breakfast will be served in honor of our mysterious person going around messing with anti-mutant people. And also we should make some kind of offering to the karma gods that this doesn't blow back on other mutants without our kind of backup.

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I mean, it will. But not before Gawker has a field day.


How do you feel about a breakfast scramble in addition to the bacon and fried potatoes?

Gotta have a vegetarian option.

Hard to believe a year ago I was cooking you breakfast and throwing potatoes at you.

Careful, I might decide to return the favor.

I mean, grate up a potato and toss it at Cece. It can be like a game. Whoever gets the most potato to stick to her wins! (And probably gets slapped. But pssh - details.)

That's right, you're more of a punching people kinda girl when violence is called for.

Well, they're lucky to have all that bacon to themselves now.

Right? I kinda want to get in on that bacon action. But at the same time, kinda not.

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